Monday, June 1, 2009

The blooming running gardener!

This morning I was able to do two of my favorite things! Running and gardening. I was up early and met some friends at 6am off of Manor drive and ran 6 miles. Great course, lots to see. Tarrytown neighborhood, interesting front yard gardening - and then a run through campus.

And.... gardening... I finally figured the art of mulching! I cut the end of the mulch bag then drug it around my garden kicking when the mulch got stuck and wasn't coming out. What an 'a-ha moment'!

New arrivals in my garden: I have a magnolia tree planted and trained as a vine. It's in a pot so it won't get too big, but it's really impressive to be on a vine trellis. It's finally blooming - and many more blooms to come. Can't wait. I'll post pics here soon.

Oh yes - I do work... so back to the salt mine for the day!