Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Promises to a bougainvillea!

As I went on my stroll through my backyard this morning, I grabbed the camera, but thought to myself that I really didn't have anything to talk about or take a picture of...... wow was I wrong!

This past holiday weekend was very busy for me in the garden. Saturday I made it out to the Zilker Gardens for the Succulent show and sale. Saw lots of very interesting and colorful succulents and bought me a few to neatly arrange in a container. I've been reading the book that Pam at Digging reviewed on Succulents - it's given me lots of ideas.

Sunday morning garden time was time spent maintaining, planting some miscellaneous this and thats, moving a few things that just weren't in the right place. I planted the bamboo that I bought at the bamboo festival a couple weeks ago. It's very small now - but it will grow fast. I've got 4 Golden Goddess Bamboo plants planted along my fence - hoping that real soon it will soften the fence line and add interest.

And finally, on my trek through Home Depot, I bought a beautiful bougainvillea. I admit that I've NEVER been able to keep a bougainvillea alive..... I'm very very committed to really making this one a go! I'll keep my blog updated with my promise to the bougainvillea!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Signs of recovery

Every morning this week, I've noticed all of the plants looking much healthier, happier, not stressed so much. It's been wonderful. I can't wait for those days when I can spend a couple of hours in the garden, some time working - some time sitting on the patio, under the pergola, with a tasty drink - paper umbrella included!
One happy little Morning Glory.

Morning blooms: Abutilon and Pink Skullcap.