Sunday, February 14, 2016

What season is it anyway?!?!?

Central Texas has had a very mild winter ....  Not that I'm complaining!  The temps so far have been so nice and warm that plants in my garden are very confused!   Lots of blooming going on ...  Not that I'm complaining!

Makes me wonder about the affects on the following seasons.   Will there be more bugs?  Will the bulbs still bloom?  Does this mean we are in for a harsh summer?   We have had a couple of very short freezes.   And those times when the temps have dipped to 32 degrees it has only been for a couple of hours in the early morning hours.

I'm from Midwestern Illinois and the garden season there was relatively short. I always feel very blessed to live in Texas where the growing season is really 12 months long.  My heart goes out to my blogger friends in the colder climates. 

Here are some pics of those confused plants just blooming away in February!