Monday, March 12, 2012

New happenings in my garden

Remember my Japanese Maple Trees I bought from a nursery in OK. Here they are today - looking very nice with pretty red leaves. They're still in big pots as I'm still working on their exact placement in my yard. I want to be sure the shady area I've picked really is shady once we get into the heat of the summer.

This one is the 'Acer disectum (laceleaf) weeping Crimson Queen'. Love the lace leaves.

This one is 'Acer palmatum Emperor I.'

Do you hate weeds?  I hate weeds.  This is the pile of weeds I pulled yesterday. My yard is so full of weeds - I'm sure I should receive some sort of award on how many weeds can be pulled in one afternoon - and let me tell you - my ham strings are really sore this morning!   
Last fall, I planted some herbs in the garden - just for fun.  Wanted to see how they did.  This is spearmint - and it's really taken off.  Looks a bit invasive  - but I won't hold that against it. 
Those are just a few things happening in my garden these days.  Looking forward to nice warm sunny days this week.