Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey You - look at me!

On one of my recent visits to the Red Barn Nursery, with Ally of Garden Ally, I saw this so cute and sweet small shrub.  It had these tiny pink flowers and called out to me - 'hey you - look at me!  You want one of me in your landscaping, don't you!'

What can I say - but of course!   I could NOT resist this little cutie.  It's a dwarf New Zealand Tea tree.  It's native to New Zealand and Australia - and is named 'tea tree' because it's tiny leaves are often dried and used to make tea. 

Oh, that's Maggie in the background - my female alpha corgi. 

I just LOVE those pink blooms! 
Not sure I'll be making tea anytime soon - but I just LOVE those cute, small and pink flowers. The bottom branches look a bit scraggly. I'll give it some time and then maybe prune those back to give it a better shape.

One footnote - it's only hardy in zones 9-11. I'll have to make sure and provide extra cover on cold nights - but... for now, I think we're done with cold temps.

Isn't it a cutie!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I just read through this month's Garden Designers Roundtable and wow - talk about inspiration! I especially connected with Jenny Peterson's blog post because I also go to public gardens, read blogs and follow along with other garden bloggers here in Austin.

My biggest inspiration comes from color. I love color. If you've been to my house, you know all about my fascination with color. Anyway, here's some colorful pics I took this morning - even in January - that show the colors that are in my garden now.

How's about that red Heavenly Bamboo and Purple heart? 

  More purple heart and Sticks on fire (More on sticks on fire)
And a variety of succulents with green, red, blue and varigation!  

Love color.    Can't wait for just a few more weeks so I can start adding even more color through the garden.