Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sometimes, things just come together....

This past Sunday was a busy one for me......

Sometimes - things just have a way of coming together. Last year I needed my roof replaced, and the roofers killed the grass right near the house - in the corner of my front yard. Before the roofers came, the grass was up to the edge of the small patio in front of my front door. But ladders and guys walking on the grass, killed it. What's a gardener to do but dig it up and plant something!

I had some landscaping rock I bought from craigslist last year - so used it as the border. I knew that the varigated lirope did well during last summer's heat and this winter's freezes - so I bought a plat of it from Home depot. I also bought a plat of begonia's - even though they are really annuals, they take shade and bloom well in this area.

This is basically 'the cake'. I plan on getting lots more to plant as the 'icing on the cake'. I'm thinking of more color - maybe heucheras and coleus. It's fully shaded, so will have to consider that when picking out plants. Also, I need some sort of a focal point - that will come over time.

My other endeavour on that beautiful Sunday was to 'finish' my greenhouse. I had purchased a used 6'x8' greenhouse - glass with aluminum frame - from craigslist last fall. I worked on getting the glass installed as time allowed - and Viola! There it is. My Greenhouse!

Sunday I spent the day collecting and hauling pea gravel available for free to my subdivision from the hoa play ground that is being redone. I also put in more of the glass panes. I was putting in the LAST piece of glass in the roof and must have given the glass a bit of 'torque' - it broke right in my hands.... so I still need to get one more piece of glass and install it - then I will truly be in business!

I'm hoping that this weekend I can be as productive!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010 - Snowday in Austin!

Pic says it all! It snowed here in Austin - very large flakes - it was beautiful to watch.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love surprises!

I'm not sure the name of this little gem, but I bought it recently from Great Outdoors when I was putting together plants for the japanese style garden. It's colors and leaf shapes went well with the other plants I had picked. It surprised me with blooms and growth during the winter.

I've not figured out where to put this flowering shrub.... but it surprised me with a bloom! This gardener's bad habit - buy something, don't know where to put it, keep it sitting in the garden in the pot....... finally figure out it's perfect place and plant it. This little shrub has been in a pot for too long to admit to....

Ok, so not such a good pic - but this varigated bamboo has new growth coming up. Very deep colors - love it.

As a fairly new blogger, I'm experimenting with pictures and text placement.... not sure about my choices for today's post!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh, what's a gardener to do....

Oh, what's a gardener to do..... after the freezes in Austin. Post pics of rocks !!!!

I added rocks, ornamental grasses and tree stumps around my water feature last fall.

These Rocks I harvested from the cemetery on Hancock near Mopac - free for the taking.

A pic of my greenhouse - purchased off of Craigslist... still have 5 panes of glass to replace, cover the foundation with bricks that match my house, build benches - and let the planting begin!

The buddha lady in my japanese-garden-in-progress - still looking good! :)