Friday, September 4, 2009

Signs of recovery

Every morning this week, I've noticed all of the plants looking much healthier, happier, not stressed so much. It's been wonderful. I can't wait for those days when I can spend a couple of hours in the garden, some time working - some time sitting on the patio, under the pergola, with a tasty drink - paper umbrella included!
One happy little Morning Glory.

Morning blooms: Abutilon and Pink Skullcap.


  1. Nice morning blooms to wake up and see! Did you go to the Master Gardner Class? I wanted to go...i think they talked about photography? Have a good day!

  2. Thanks Amy! Yes, I went to the MG meeting. There was a good talk about photography - I learned quite a bit. But, I'll need to invest in a new camera to make the big differences.