Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey You - look at me!

On one of my recent visits to the Red Barn Nursery, with Ally of Garden Ally, I saw this so cute and sweet small shrub.  It had these tiny pink flowers and called out to me - 'hey you - look at me!  You want one of me in your landscaping, don't you!'

What can I say - but of course!   I could NOT resist this little cutie.  It's a dwarf New Zealand Tea tree.  It's native to New Zealand and Australia - and is named 'tea tree' because it's tiny leaves are often dried and used to make tea. 

Oh, that's Maggie in the background - my female alpha corgi. 

I just LOVE those pink blooms! 
Not sure I'll be making tea anytime soon - but I just LOVE those cute, small and pink flowers. The bottom branches look a bit scraggly. I'll give it some time and then maybe prune those back to give it a better shape.

One footnote - it's only hardy in zones 9-11. I'll have to make sure and provide extra cover on cold nights - but... for now, I think we're done with cold temps.

Isn't it a cutie!!!!


  1. ooh, that IS a cutie! Let me know how that works out, I can see why you got it.

  2. That is cute and do keep us posted! And Maggie is a cutie pie too!

  3. That plant is gorgeous. It's a real attention grabber. I didn't know you could make tea with the leaves. That's interesting. I'm a big tea drinker; mostly herbal.

    I really enjoyed our visit to Red Barn. I should definitely venture up north more often.

  4. Those pink blooms are indeed gorgeous. But the corgi is even more so!

    Enjoyed your post!

  5. I have looked at this plant several times thinking how cool it is. Unfortunately I am in Zone 8. I will keep looking for something similar that will get through my winters.

  6. I want, I want but it won't............survive here. Dangit.

  7. Ya... I am looking you now. What happen? :)