Friday, February 17, 2012

Color - lots and lots of color!

I found this book at Home Depot on one of my visits last Fall, and couldn't help but buy it because I just LOVE the idea of Veggies and annuals - and all of the color! I'm really in to color - if you saw my house - you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.

I enjoyed this book and refer to it alot. It's got a great cross reference in the back listing Veggies and annuals that worked the best - the ones that didn't work so well - and of course those that just wouldn't work at all.

I've started some seedlings inside for things that I know I can't get at one of the local nurseries or from the Master Gardeners - such as snap peas and purple peppers (remember, I said I liked color?) I can't wait to put lots of their suggestions to work.

This is the website you can buy the book from as well as other gardening trugs and trellises:
(Full disclosure - I nabbed that pic from their website).

I just love those trelisses with the cherry tomatoes and red peppers - also paired with other annuals. What a great idea - hope I can post pics of my trails later on this summer.


  1. That's a gorgeous display and a great idea. Will you be growing purple and green basil in yours?

  2. Hey Ally - Oh I'm sure both colors of Basil will be included somehow. I priced the trellis's at Home Depot - they have white painted wood ones for about $8 - perfect for painting some other bright color. Also large plastic pots in the low $20's. I know we have some cherry tomatoes at the greenhouse that are 'large vine'. I'll have to go in search of some peppers that are also vining. Just love those colors.