Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 - the year of the tree!

2012 is the year of the tree for my backyard (whoopsie, don't tell my HOA). I've purchased 2 trees from a local nursery and had 2 others shipped to me. All of them are about 3 to 4 feet tall.

The locally purchased trees are an ornamental Retama (I know, these guys are like weeds) and a Mimosa tree. The other two are Japanese Maples - ordered from a nursery in Oklahoma... and yes..... japanese maples are not native and adapted... but I'll work hard to keep them happy in my backyard.

The two japanese maples were delivered to me in these cool burlap bags. I purchased a 'Acer disectum (laceleaf) weeping Crimson Queen and 'Acer palmatum Emperor I.'

For now, I've potted all of the trees in large pots and will place them in their planned final spots just to make sure they're getting what they need - and not too much sun - before I put them in the ground.

I can't wait to post more pics as time goes on as each tree gets leaves and grows!


  1. Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere. I have a mimosa too. It has magenta-colored puff balls, which are kind of unusual. The butterflies love it. Good luck with your new trees.

  2. Welcome back to blogging, Chris! Your trees sound lovely. I look forward to seeing more of them, especially in autumn.

  3. Welcome back--I'm relatively new and I'll be glad to add you to my blogroll. I love the Retama that I have--such a tough and reliable bloomer. Good luck with the trees.

  4. Chris, just planted a retama which I am super excited about. I have had mixed results with japanese maples, I think one was getting too much sun and one was getting too much deer attention.

  5. Love your trees, Chris. You inspire me to plant some more...and to start blogging again as well. I've been absent from the blogosphere for over a year now and need to get my groove (grove?) back!

  6. Hi Chris, I'm looking forward to seeing how your mimosa does. They are so room in my garden for one. I do have a few Japanese maples...2 in pots and 2 in the ground...they receive very little sun and most years experience a little bit of leaf burn around the edges. They are still beautiful and seem to be thriving. Good luck with yours!

  7. Great choice with the Japanese maples! I also want to add more trees in my backyard, as they serve as a source of fresh air and act as very cozy shades.

  8. How are the two Japanese maples now, Chris? I bet they’ve grown substantially and look more attractive with their distinctive leaf shapes and colors. To make sure your Japanese maples stay healthy, keep watering them deeply for at least twice a week. Also, if you think your tree is “sick,” try checking it for bugs or insects that could be harming your trees. Anyway, have you planted any other tree since then?

    -Jeremy Beauregard

    1. Hey Jeremy - thanks for your suggestions for my japanese maples. They're doing really good - I'm so happy they survived the summer here. I still have them in large pots - I need to decide where to permanently plant them. Now they are just under a big tree in my backyard. I can't wait til the fall color comes. They all should have some nice fall color.
      thanks again for your comments.